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Beauty tips from the beauty queen herself. For those who believe in giving themselves the best. Maureen S. Motwane - former Miss India, Miss Asia and winner of several beauty titles has for years pampered herself with the abundance of nature. Her very own secret formulas that have given her looks an ageless vibrance and made her cast a spell on the world, now after years of pious study and scientific research, she is all set to share her magic with the world.

Herbcare:Simply Natural Herb Care's Simply Natural collection is Maureen's small contribution to this 
already beautiful world we live in. The beauty secrets that were hers can now be yours.

Herb Care's policy is simply to make the most of nature, and not deprive ourselves of its beautifying powers by seeking chemical and synthetic products. Herb Care's products are clinically formulated and allergy free. Our products are for people who won't settle for less. 

Herbcare:Simply Natural

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Herbcare:Simply Natural Herb Care caters to the beauty needs of some of the most prominent people in the world. Our natural products derived from exotic natural extracts on the desciplines of Ayurveda have so far been patronised by the royalty. Nobody less than the King of Bhutan, UK's PM Mr. John Major, the Russian President Boris Yeltsin and various other premiers. Herb Care have also been the exlcusive suppliers of toileteries to India's royal house. Our patrons include international hotels, Airlines, world renowned beauty houses and stores.

Not many beautiful people care about sharing their beauty secrets with the world. But this is your chance. Come spoil yourself with the endowments of mother nature. And with Herb Care bottling up the wonder world of Green, they have brought to your fingertips literally. With Herb Care, looking beautiful is no longer an effort, it comes to you naturally.

 Herbcare:Simply Natural Herb Care ........ SKIN CARE PRODUCTS COVER A WIDE RANGE OF CREAMS, LOTIONS, NOURISHING CREAMS, CLEANSERS, CLEANSING MASKS, SCRUBS,FACIAL MOISTURISERS, BODY LOTIONS, BODY CARE BATH / SHOWER GELS etc.For all SKIN TYPES are made to an exclusive Formula, Rich in Natural Proteinic Plant Extracts, that visibly reduces Wrinkles, Stimulates & Invigorates the function of Epidermal Cells, it Restructures the Cutaneous Surface, thus slowing down the Ageing process. The Face then Takes on a smoother & more Radiant look Wrinkles diminish, fine lines Fade visibly.The skin becomes firmer with a Youthful Charm and the formation of Wrinkles is delayed.

Herb Care ...............HAIR CARE PRODUCTS also covers a wide range of Shampoos,
 Hair Treatments, Herbal Hair Colour etc. suitable for all hair type made from the
Gardens of ''NATURE''. This product help reduce hair-fall, induces hair growth, helps  prevent premature, Greying, Stops Dandruff, besides Cleaning & Adding that Extra Body & Bounce. Today's use of Herb Care line is an answer to our TOMORROW'S HAIR PROBLEMS


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